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Idiot Proof System | $124,000 from 1 site | Unique | Proof | Case Studies | Customer Testimonials | Unaffected by Algorithm Updates

SEO Synergy

The simple formula that makes results like this possible! – SEO Sequencing

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Even better, the system is 100% replicable!

HI Mark,

Your SEO and keyword strategy is something totally different to what most people tell you.

I have started to see a significant increase in the traffic to the two websites I have created based on your principles.

The proof I am seeing from these two websites has given me the inspiration to totally commit to your methods.

I cannot speak too highly of your methods.


Jim Moore

Jim Moore
Jim Moore Warrior Forum ID: mooreti

Hi Mark,

For the first time in five years the traffic to my offer was more than I have ever seen before. I made over $100 in commission from the affiliate product just by following Mark's training.

For me Mark's training for SEO stands head and shoulders above even the biggest so called Guru.


Bob Lampard
Bob Lampard Warrior ID: lampwick

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Real Customer Testimonials (originals held on file)

Hi Mark

I used your techniques and in just a couple weeks, you can imagine my surprise to see that I am #2 on first page of google! (among about 2,000,000 searches!). Thank you so much!

Jack Kuhnemund
Jack Kuhnemund

Hi Mark,

Just to let you know that I have been using some of the SEO techniques from the course.

I've been applying them to one of my sites that I hadn't really bothered with too much, I was just letting it drift along and thought I would test some of the methods out.

Amazingly I've seen quite a bit of SERP movement for the keywords I targetted.

I have to be honest and say that I have not followed the daily SEO plan religiously, but have cherry picked a few of the methods and so far things are going well.

All the best,


Mark Bradley
Mark Bradley Warrior ID: Mark Bradley

It’s safe to say that if you want to truly live the Internet Marketing Lifestyle, getting relevant organic traffic by dominating SERPS is as close as you can get to constant passive income for years to come.

Everyday people are searching for solutions to their problems on Google and desperately click on whatever presents them with that "quick fix". It's a virtual goldmine and it's getting better with every click.

The problem however...

95% of the people building websites and trying to monetize them have been following the same ‘wrong’ advice from those so called "gurus" (whose products are nothing but a bunch outdated theoretical or re-hashed BS)... and as a result most people fail to rank their sites or make a single dime online.

Does Any of this Sound Familiar?

  • You put in endless hours; building your website, doing keyword research, writing super high quality articles and building backlinks.
  • But nobody reads your articles or see’s all that hard work you put into your website, since it's buried in the search engines
  • Perhaps you paid out a lot of money for that "secret" SEO method that is supposed to take you to the top, but instead nothing happens.
  • Or even worse, your site makes it to the top but then Google changes everything and your back to square one.

... And all because you've been doing it wrong all along!

Isn't It About Time SEO Got a Lot Easier?

Idiot Proof System | $124,000 from 1 site | Unique | Proof | Case Studies | Customer Testimonials | Unaffected by Algorithm Updates

From: Mark Bishop and Radu Hahaianu

RE: We cracked the SEO mystery. Let us show you how to do the same.

My name is Mark and YES, I know how hard it can be to find a method that just plain & simple works.

You see, when I started Internet Marketing I was a plumber here in the UK. I knew nothing about SEO, building a website and all that stuff, I just knew I wanted to make a lot of money online.

So naturally, I turned to those so-called "experts" and "gurus" who were promising; I could make thousands of dollars with little to no work, all for a tiny investment.

... And just like so many of us… I was hooked.  After all…. How hard can it be?


Making Money Online is Real Easy… Right?

Find a popular product, find a few great keywords, rank a little site for those keywords on page 1 & voila, start banking life changing commission payments.

Easy… Right?

Unfortunately NOT!

I soon realized that SEO isn't as easy as it initially looks and it just got harder and harder to rank my sites. When I started out I did what everyone else was doing and I made the same mistakes as most of you have probably made.

  • I put in countless hours following BORING and USELESS advice from so-called SEO "gurus" just to get wiped off the SERPS with the next Google update
  • I spent THOUSANDS on that "secret SEO software" with little to no results
  • I paid so called experts $100s a month to rank my sites (they used spam software & killed my site)
  • It often took MONTHS to start seeing a tiny trickle of traffic, which usually didn't bring me any money
  • I tried most of the loopholes and tricks everyone else seemed to be using only to end up penalized by Google

I soon got tired of all the SEO theory BS and the latest ranking tricks.

Doing things the same way as everyone else cost me a lot of money and time, and I had nothing to show for it!

That's when I decided to stop following the latest trends and do things differently.

I wanted a simple 1-2-3 formula that I could follow without having to think about each step. A system which would virtually guarantee I ended up achieving my goal – the secret is: sequencing

SEO Synergy works because it’s based on something I call SEO sequencing. SEO sequencing amounts to completing certain simple tasks both onsite and offsite in the correct sequence at the correct time in order to rank quickly and safely.

Idiot Proof System | $124,000 from 1 site | Unique | Proof | Case Studies | Customer Testimonials | Unaffected by Algorithm Updates

...And guess what; it works? - It's 100% BS-Free!! - And it's not based on theory.

You can actually forget the boring stuff and the expensive theory based junk. If you implement this simple formula TODAY your site will quickly climb to the top and stay there.

SEO sequencing ranks and sticks sites to the top, plain and simple. And when that happens the results are often beyond your wildest dreams.

Take a look for yourself:

Google Page 1 for Broad & Buying Terms for over 12 months - Click the thumbnails to view full size.

Real Proof - Actual Earnings - All From Organic Traffic

Verified Accounts: $152,895.45

And these are not some obscure keywords nobody is searching for!! In fact, organic traffic is my #1 source of traffic for my niche websites which bring me 6 figures every year.

Sure; everyone says they make 6 figures or more a year online. But will they PROVE IT?

Click the graphic over there on the right. Those are my 2013 verified accounts (UK tax year ends April 5th). Nope it's not millions; but it's real and I can prove every last cent of it came from my niche business which is largely based on organic traffic.

And NO, not one cent of that figure comes from launching products like this one.

Figures converted from UK Pounds to US Dollars: 23|03|2014

Now here comes the cool part: the system isn't one of those methods which only works for me. This works for anyone who implements this simple formula.

Take a look at what a few of my students have to say about it:

All customer feedback is genuine (originals held on file).

Hi Mark,

I have purchased many products that seem to lead me 'half way up the garden path' so to speak and then abandon me!

I have followed your SEO formula, I started a new website mid December and I have implemented just a fraction of what you taught (Christmas got in the way...) and I have had over 10,000 visits in a month!

This may not seem much for many but it's the best I have ever experienced on a brand new site and domain, and no it was not an aged domain name, it's brand new...

I love your products, your training is easy to understand and implement. It's nice when what we buy lives up to expectation and beyond! This in my experience is rare!

Thank you for showing me the right way to rank my websites!



Traffic screenshots attached.

Sandra Harris
Warrior ID: sandi24

I put my case to rest.

When I say I know how to rank sites at the top of search engines & keep them there, I'm not kidding.

And today, you have the chance to learn all my secrets:


Idiot Proof System | $124,000 from 1 site | Unique | Proof | Case Studies | Customer Testimonials | Unaffected by Algorithm Updates

SEO Synergy is a membership based training platform consisting of video training and written step by step instructions to get your sites ranked at the top for the long term.

Video training | PDFs | XLS | Case Studies | Resources

We all know that SEO is boring and tedious and let’s be honest; who really has the time or inclination to learn every piece of the jigsaw and adjust this piece and that piece when Google release another update.

I don’t rank sites because I like SEO; I rank them so I can make huge amounts of Passive income –

I’m guessing that’s your goal too, right...

SEO Synergy is broken down into bite sized chunks detailing my simple 1-2-3 practical step by step formula for ranking and sticking brand new sites to the top of major search engines.

You don’t even need to learn this stuff; I tell you exactly which tasks to complete, and when to complete them. And don’t worry; those tasks are as easy a clicking a button.

You also get my personal Fiverr resources to outsource every little task, I’ve been using some of these gigs for years – which makes ranking my sites truly idiot proof; each task includes direct links to a number of Gig providers should you want to outsource the simple tasks.

A Simple but deadly effective SEO formula, which forces new sites to the top of search engines and sticks them there!

Here's what you'll learn inside SEO Synergy:

  • How to rank new sites quickly and safely for HUGE numbers of keywords
  • One little known trick (which takes only a few minutes!) that will future-proof your website and rankings against ANY Google updates & keep you on top!
  • One click Fiverr resources for each task; so you don't even have to learn SEO
  • All the resources you need at the click of a button (we even provide contact information to our most trusted vendors)
  • And the secret sauce; SEO Sequencing… Knowing the correct sequence of tasks transforms new sites into traffic magnet authority sites fast.

And the best part is that in order to get started with SEO Synergy you need:

ZERO technical know-how | ZERO money | ZERO experience

"Sounds Awesome - But SEO Is Boring and Unstable"

Sure - that's what "they" want you to think. They show you strategies that are outdated or never even worked in the first place, to keep you buying their products. It's easy - if you figure out how to drive thousands of hungry visitors to your website, you don't need their products anymore.

They stop making money……

So instead, they feed you loopholes and methods that don't work or get closed down in weeks or days - so that you keep coming back. But SEO Sequencing is EASY, SAFE & EVERGREEN. Our methods are so simple even a 10 year old could follow them. And we've been at the top of the search engines for YEARS.

SEO Synergy is completely Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird proof.

We know SEO can be boring. That's why we provide you every resource possible along the way, so you can outsource the whole process for PENNIES and never think about it again.

Don't Buy The ‘SEO Is Dead’ Crap!

Listen, you've probably heard that SEO is dead over 1000 times already. So have we, but we keep crushing the SERPS and consistently making over 6 figures a year.

Believe me when I tell you - SEO is Alive and Kicking

And here's what your BIG advantage is:

"This all sounds great - but doesn't it take a lot of time and money to get results?"

Not at all!

As we've told you, we show you exactly how to outsource every step of the way, so you only need to spend a few minutes each day on your websites. Once your sites on page 1 keeping it there takes just a few minutes per week.

Even if you decide to do it all by yourself, these tasks are really simple to complete.

We're even giving you one click access to our best resources so it costs you PENNIES to get ranked

SEO Synergy is the NEXT LEVEL in SEO.

  • SEO Sequencing - our secret sauce to eternal Google-love. Turns a new site into an authority one - ranking at the TOP of the search engines for all kind of keywords allowing you to dominate entire niches - worth $197
  • Evergreen System - with just one tiny trick that takes a few minutes per week you'll STICK to #1 like glue for as long as you want - perfect for producing passive income streams - worth $47
  • Un-effected by Google Updates – We don’t have to worry about what Google has up its sleeve, we have it covered. Google updates don’t affect our sites and we continue to maintain our #1 position year after year - worth $47 (or we could say priceless)
  • Identify and Rank for "buying" keywords - SEO Synergy is responsible for driving one of my BRAND NEW clickbank sites from ZERO to $124,000 in 6 months - worth $47
  • Outsourcing Madness - we show you how to outsource every single step of the way - there's a ZERO learning curve and we supply links to our most trusted vendors - worth $47

If you're doing the math, you'd know that $385 would be fair.

In fact, we can almost GUARANTEE that if you follow the steps inside SEO Synergy, you'll make that $385 back time and time again.

But wait, there's a LOT more:

Bonus 1 - Keyword Buddy - worth $37

This powerful and intelligent software will uncover hundreds of keywords for you, with the click of your mouse.

These are long-tail, untapped money-making keywords.

Watch the video to learn more:

Bonus 2 - THREE Amazing Case-Studies - worth $97

To show you we're all about DOING, and no theoretical BS, we've decided to show you 3 of our sites which dispel the ‘SEO is Dead Myth’.

Two of these websites have been ranking on page 1 for over 1 year, unaffected by all the Google updates, ranking for almost every keyword you could possible come up with.

You get the chance to watch behind my back to see first-hand how to successfully RANK and STICK on top of Google!

The bonus items alone are worth your investment today!

Total value of the course + 2 awesome bonuses = $519

We could easily charge that and people would still pay - SEO Synergy really is the only course out there based 100% on real methods - it's TRUE SEO, without the crap and without the learning curve. What truly sets us apart is that we show you what WORKS, with nothing to learn, just steps to complete and follow along to total SERPS domination.

But don't worry - It's going to be a LOT less than that - In fact, we're going to price this well below its actual value.

For the SEO training, for the awesome software, for the case studies, and our outsourcing resources, for absolutely everything, we're only asking for $97

Click the "Add to Cart" Below and Get Your Hands on This Unique SEO Training - Ranking and Sticking websites to the top of search engines really is the key to passive scalable income

SEO Synergy

Real Customer Testimonials (originals held on file) - Click the Thumbnails to view full size screen shots:

"Why waste another second?"

Stop twiddling your thumbs, take action NOW!

You now have in front of you the best opportunity to finally live the Internet Lifestyle you've always wanted.

Start ranking your sites right away and build a real online business. A business that generates huge passive income every month.

I made the same decision several years ago and I haven’t looked back since.

SEO Synergy carries a 30 day money back guarantee.


To your success,

Mark & Radu